Area Rug Cleaning

Professional Area Rug Cleaning

Of all the hard-working surfaces in your home, few take the punishment that your area rugs do. Even with a doormat in place, mud and dust from the outdoors, spills from the kitchen and dining room, and other residues make their way into rug fibers. That leads to staining and discoloration, and soon that beautiful area rug you loved is in need of some professional TLC. Professional area rug cleaning restores the look and feel of a brand-new area rug, giving your family and your decor a fresh, clean surface to enjoy.

Why Use a Greater Cleveland
Professional Area Rug Cleaner?

If you’re diligent with vacuuming but still notice discoloration and residue in your area rugs, it’s natural to feel a little frustrated. Most household vacuums simply don’t have the specialized brushes, tools, and power needed to really get area rugs clean. While vacuuming may work for some surface dirt, the majority of soiling has been pushed into the carpet by passing feet over a period of months or years, creating dingy build-up. At Bill’s Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning, we offer a professional area rug cleaning service that’s only a quick phone call away.

What Kind of Area Rugs Can Be Cleaned?

From hallway runners in Mayfield Heights to huge area rugs in Solon, Bill’s tackles the most stubborn of fibers for our local customers to keep their homes feeling fresh and clean. Our professional carpet cleaning services give you back the bright, beautiful rug patterns and colors that make your home shine. No matter what size your area rug may be or what type of material it’s made of, our specialized equipment and expert area rug cleaning service team is ready to handle the job. Your Greater Cleveland area home deserves the best in professional carpet cleaning services, and we’re pleased to provide it!

Contact us today to schedule your rug cleaning appointment — your beautiful rug results are waiting.

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